Prem Shield.
Modular Pet Protective Barrier.

Protective partition for desks, reception, bar counters, restaurants and shops.
Easy to install and remove, it suits to supports of different thickness thanks to height-adjustable hooks.
It disassembles quickly and is easy to transport.

Basic size adjustable in length:
- 130x50 cm
- 130x100 cm

Prem Shield PLUS floor standingFloor standing version
Prem Shield PLUS

Thanks to the thin thickness of the PET film, it is possible to cut the sheet with a simple cutter.
In this way, the width can be reduced to the required size and customized holes can be made.

It can be easily installed and removed, adapts to both sides of the top and is fixed to supports of various thickness because it is equipped with height-adjustable hooks.
Thanks to its lightness, Prem Shield is easily transportable anywhere.

An example of application of the Prem Shield on a counter.

The basic kit consists of:
A. PET film size 130x50 cm
B. 2 painted alluminium supports
C. 2 clamp hooks adjustable in height
A support beam is also included in the price and can be added at the customer's discretion.

- from 1pcs to 10pcs 69.00 € / pcs
- from 11pcs to 20pcs 65.00 € / pcs
SIZE 130X100CM
- from 1pcs to 10pcs 89.00 € / pcs
- from 11pcs to 20pcs 84.00 € / pcs

FILM 130x50CM 12.00 €/pcs
FILM 130X100CM 20.00 €/pcs
(Prices excluding VAT, delivery terms: EXW)

The PREM SHIELD air barrier is made of PET by PREM LINE, an Italian company leading in PET processing. The Pet used by PREM LINE is a high quality product, easy to clean and with excellent surface resistance.

Assembly sheet
The assembly and disassembly operations are simplified by the system of joints that can be screwed on the perimeter tubulars and the height-adjustable clamps to adapt to the desk or counter top.

Prem Shield is a Prem Line product, an Italian company specialized in the PET processing.
Prem Line can boast the authorship of the PET PREM brand, the PET made on the exclusive PET FORMULA composition, which gives to the product high quality features.

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